Hi, Ralph here, the owner of Boxing Gloves Online and MMA Gear Online.

I have personally been involved in boxing for 27 years, from training as a teenager to sparring, from coaching to owning my own gym. Five years ago I took this collective knowledge from the sport I’m passionate about, and started Boxing Gloves Online.

After success providing boxing gear, I’ve expanded to incorporate the growing interest and demand with MMA and BJJ creating this new site, MMA Gear Online. As you’ve likely noticed, both sites look and operate the same and now share a central shopping cart – if you add products here, they will carry over to Boxing Gloves Online and allow a single checkout!

We are happy to be able to help get you the products you need. As you’ll see, we pride ourselves with having THE best customer support. We know how important it is for you to get the products you need on time, reliably.

Our customers are treated like family.

So hello! We want to be part of your boxing journey, from helping your fitness to getting you ready for the big fight. If you have any questions or come across any issues, please, reach out to me personally and send an email to or call me on 0412 804 720